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Poetry is persuasion pushing passed our vision kaleidoscoping our senses into fruition. Expansion at last. I will give you my sense of direction but with nothing else what can be seen is still to be invented, sound is still to be lamented. I dance into the echos of night. My feet shuffle, I strive for flight.. There is nothing to hold without my sight! You can have my direction but never my light.

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………..to express yourself as you are without any intentional fancy way of adjusting yourself is the most important thing. - SHUNRYU SUZUKI; 1904-1971
Could only ever find these in England! Scored in Richmond. #flakes #delicious #chocolate #likenoother
# Anonymous asked:

Women and Rape>> So here's what a man thinks about this: Part 1: A real men love women, their mother, sisters, gf/wife, daughters but mostly, a real man understands that any women is an individual that could be any of the named ones before to someone else and that deserves respect. With that baseline, consider respect comes out from people who love, understanding and appreciates these individuals deeply.You won't find respect from cheap people. This is home education.

This I can somewhat agree with but I also see this as being apart of a greater picture. The divisions between haves and have nots grows. It does not dwindle, even now. Even with all the potential and brilliance, all the knowledge and resources for change. At a certain point in suffering one begins to bend towards any means possible. Children are born and grow into bad situations. To know all is to forgive all. And acting on ones beliefs and being of service to humanity is our only hope of change. It is revolution to fight to help others. This is how we can change those “cheap” people. Love and compassion is not cheap, it is priceless.

1 year ago
# Anonymous asked:

Part 2: A real man respects even a prostitute. Regardless of her light clothes. But when it comes to the common eye (most man are cheap, otherwise correct me if it was easy for most women to find a good man), the common eye won't distinguish from hoe and a lady wearing hot. In a society where the sexual almost-naked woman body is used for advertising you can't expect cheap people to care about women for the human beings they are. (continues)>>>

You must have asked all this anonymously because somewhere deep inside of you you know you’re wrong…?

1 year ago
# Anonymous asked:

>> There's a fine line where a lady is sexy or vulgar and if that lady looks vulgar, cheap man will see a body instead of the human being in it and act erratically. >>> END

I think this is a bogus statement. We are capable of controlling our impulses and desires. We aren’t barbaric anymore. If we can make it to the moon and build submarines then men can keep their dick in their pants. Give them some credit.

1 year ago
Favorite re-purposed sweatshirt.
Phlegm by *armene

 (via Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary)
“This is what happened to a kid whose dad went off and became a terrorist.” After being pulled from the internet we now have another upload of the trailer. Watch it while it lasts!